Everything you Need to know About Vaping

Now that we have decided to prevent our lungs from being a depository of tar, let’s learn more about vaping.

An Electric Cigarette is a portable electronic device that converts a liquid commonly known as e-juice or e-liquid into aerosols known as vapours, hence the name vaping. In these process, the battery provides energy to the coil, which in turn heats the liquid and converts it into vapour. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping does not include burning of tobacco, hence no tar and smoke is generated during the process.

The e-juice primarily consists of propylene glycol, glycerine, nicotine and flavouring. The presence of nicotine is optional and its strength might vary according to the vaper’s requirements.

The components of an electronic cigarette include a mouthpiece, a cartridge (also known as tank), a battery, heating element or atomizer, and LED indicator lights. The battery can be charged via a USB cord.

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The liquid used in the process comes in various flavours and strengths (nicotine wise). Some of the common families of flavours include coffee, tobacco and fruits available in mint and icy variants.

The electronic cigarettes are also available in various forms, ranging from simple pen shaped to highly modified ones in order to add advanced features. The quality of vapour depends on the kind of hardware used and its power variant. Most electronic cigarettes come with an option of changing the power manually.

A traditional cigarette might contain nicotine in amount ranging from 6 mg to 24 mg or more. A regular mild one contains 12 mg per piece. As far as electronic cigarettes are concerned, their nicotine strength is measured in mg/ml. So, if you are smoking an e-juices whose nicotine contain is 6 mg/ml and you smoked 2 ml of the juice, you have smoked an equivalent of a mild cigarette.

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